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G H Hepworth

The Cathedral, Old Church Steps

Oil on panel, 1852


Fishmonger’s Trade Sign

Painted pine, 1900-1950


Hand Weathervane

Pine, About 1900


Lobed mirror

Bronze, Song dynasty (AD 960-1279)


Death Portrait: North Netherlandish School

Oil on oak panel, About 1530


Ritual wine vessel, hu

Bronze, Middle Western Zhou dynasty, c.950-850 BC

Enid Marx

Watermelon, pumpkin and cucumber

Three-colour linocut on paper, 1950s

Paolo Porpora 1617-1675

Still Life with Flowers in an Urn, Butterflies and a Snake

Oil on canvas, About 1660


Xingyun (star and cloud) mirror

Bronze, Western Han dynasty (206 BC-AD 24)

Jean-Etienne Liotard 1702- 1789

Lady Fawkener

Pastel on vellum, About 1760


Rifle Trade Sign

Tôle peinte (painted metal sheet) and wood, 1800-1900


Champion Ratcatcher

Oil on board, 1840

Maker Unknown (German or Netherlandish)

Ewer and basin

Silver-gilt (ewer), silver (basin), About 1580–1600

John Whitehead

Nell the Rat Hunter

Oil on canvas, 1852

T. Collier


Oil on paper lined onto canvas, 1873

Circle of Christian Jorhan the Elder 1727–1804

St John Nepomuk

Polychrome on oak, About 1770


Ritual wine vessel and cover, guang

Bronze, Shang dynasty (about 1500-1050 BC), about 1100-1200 BC


Set of twelve painted equestrian figures

Pottery, Tang dynasty (AD 618-906), about AD 700-800


Fire Improver Bellows

Metal and mahogany, About 1800

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