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Ear Cup

Pottery, Han dynasty (206 BC-AD 220)

Giuseppe Ruoppolo d.1710

Still Life with Fruit and Mushrooms

Oil on canvas, about 1700


Two-sided chariot fitting

Bronze , Late Shang or Early Western Zhou dynasty (about 1500- 1050 BC or about 1050-771 BC)



Wood, painted, Mid 1800s

Master of the Countess of Warwick (active 1567-69) about 1539–1617

Sir Thomas Knyvet

Oil on wood panel, About 1565

Enid Marx

R for Rhino (from Marco’s Animal Alphabet)

Original linocut on paper, 1979


Coffee Shop Sign (coffee pot)

Brass, 1850-1900

Giuseppe Bonito 1707-89

Portrait of a Gentleman Architect

Oil on canvas, 1750

J Starling

Lowestoft Lifeboat

Oil on canvas, 1880

John S Newton

Pottergate, Richmond, Yorkshire

Oil on canvas, 1847


Wine vessel, bianhu

Bronze, Warring States period, c.400-200 BC

Enid Marx

Curtain fabric with jungle repeat pattern

Black and green/yellow block printed undyed linen

Enid Marx


Collage in ink, pastel, paint and foil


Nine Angry Bulls

Oil on canvas, About 1830

The Master of the Polling Altarpiece Active 1440s

Saint Paul

Oil on wood panel, About 1440


Phoenix mirror

Bronze, Tang dynasty (AD 618-906)

The Master of the Polling Altarpiece Active 1440s

Saint Peter

Oil on wood panel, About 1440

G H Hepworth

The Cathedral, Old Church Steps

Oil on panel, 1852

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