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Ritual wine vessel, you

Bronze, Late Shang or early Western Zhou dynasty, c.1100-1000 BC


Tom Sayers, Prize Fighter

Oil on panel, About 1840

Isaac Nash

Rick Knife

Wrought iron and wood, About 1900


Lobed mirror

Bronze, Tang dynasty (AD 618-906)

Charles-Francois Grenier de Lacroix (Known as Lacroix Marseille) 1700-82

Vesuvius Erupting

Oil on canvas, 1761


Ritual food vessel, gui

Bronze, Late Shang dynasty (about 1700-1050 BC), about 1100 BC

Strasbourg School

The Scene at Golgotha

Polychrome wood relief, About 1470-1480

Giovanni Battista Recco about 1615-1660

Still Life with Apples, Cabbage, Parsnip and Lettuce

Oil on canvas, About 1615- 60

initialled M.L.L.

South View of Fen End Farm

Watercolour and ink on paper, 1790


Chariot fitting

Bronze, Western Zhou dynasty (about 1050-771 BC)


Three Legged Dog, Toasting Fork

Wood and iron, 1750-1850

W H Rogers

In the Lion’s Den

Oil on canvas, About 1870

Gabriele Ricciardelli active 1740-1780

The Lanterna del Molo, Naples

Oil on canvas, Unknown

Hans Thomans 1510-25

God the Father and God The Son

Polychromed limewood with silver and gilding, About 1510-25

Martin Schongauer About 1445-91

The Virgin and Child Crowned by Angels

Oil on softwood panel, About 1470-75


Lobed mirror

Bronze, Song dynasty (AD 960-1279)


Two pairs of harness cheek pieces

Bronze, Zhou dynasty (about 1100-256 BC)


Ritual food vessel and cover, dou

Bronze , Eastern Zhou dynasty, Warring States period (475-221 BC): about 400-300 BC