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Three Legged Dog, Toasting Fork

Wood and iron, 1750-1850

Bernardo Cavillino 1616-56

The Flight into Egypt

Oil on canvas, About 1640-50


Hill jar and cover

Pottery, Eastern Han dynasty, (AD 24-220)


Man with House Weathervane

Metal, 1800-1900


Sheep with Tree

Pottery, 1850-1900

Luca Giordano 1634--1705

The Brazen Serpent

Oil on canvas, Mid or late 1600s

The Master of Frankfurt Active about 1460–1520

The Lamentation

Oil on wood panel, About 1500


Heavenly Horse, tianma

Bronze, Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220)

Enid Marx

Curtain fabric with jungle repeat pattern

Black and green/yellow block printed undyed linen


Basket Weaver’s Sign

Metal and stone, After 1900

The Master of the Polling Altarpiece Active 1440s

Saint Peter

Oil on wood panel, About 1440

Lorenzo Vaccaro

The Four Continents: America

Marble, About 1670-1690


Noli me tangere or Christ in the Garden with Mary Magdalene

Painted wood relief, About 1500


High Back Settle

Pine, Early 1800s


Lobed mirror

Bronze, Song dynasty (AD 960-1279)


Immaculate Pendants of the Virgin

Enamelled gold, 1770s


A Pair of George II Library Armchairs

Mahogany with needlework covers, 1755

Grace Hastwell

Stitched wool and cotton

Stitched wool and cotton, 1837

Master of the Countess of Warwick active 1561–70

Sir Thomas Knyvet

Oil on wood panel, c. 1569

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