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The Master of the Polling Altarpiece Active 1440s

Saint Peter

Oil on wood panel, About 1440

Lemuel Francis Abbott 1760-1802

Horatio, Admiral Nelson, KB

Oil on canvas, 1797

initialled M.L.L.

South View of Fen End Farm

Watercolour and ink on paper, 1790

Luca Giordano 1634--1705

The Brazen Serpent and The Judgement of Solomon (pair)

Oil on canvas, Mid or late 1600s


Fire Improver Bellows

Metal and mahogany, About 1800


Ritual wine vessel, hu

Bronze, Late Western Zhou dynasty, c.850-771 BC

Enid Marx

Fishing Boats at Crail

Watercolour on paper, About 1956–1961

Enid Marx

Curtain fabric with cornucopia repeat pattern

Brown/black block printed undyed linen, with yellow cotton lining, 1938


Wine vessel, bianhu

Bronze, Warring States period, c.400-200 BC

Giovanni Battista Ruoppolo 1629-1693

Still Life with Watermelons, Plums, Cherries, a Basket of Figs, Pears and a Monkey

Oil on canvas, About 1685


Sheep with Tree

Pottery, 1850-1900


Bear Baiting

Oil on canvas, 1830s


Lobed mirror

Bronze, Tang dynasty (AD 618-906)

Ambrosius Benson About 1495-1550

The Virgin and Child

Oil on panel, About 1518-50


Ritual Wine Vessel and cover, you

Bronze - Middle Western Zhou Dynasty, About 1050-771 BC


Cocoon-shaped vessel, hu

Painted pottery, Western Han dynasty (202 BC- AD 9)

Canaletto 1697-1768

The Grand Walk, Vauxhall Gardens

Oil on canvas, About 1751


Red Painted Pine Chest

Pine, Early 1700s