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Two large bronze sculptures in an outdoor park. The larger sculpture depicts a muscular male figure in a dynamic, twisting pose. The smaller sculpture in the foreground appears to be an abstract form with smooth, undulating shapes.

Past exhibitions
Compton Verney



  • Only Make-Believe
  • Salvator Rosa: Wild Landscapes
  • The American West
  • Luc Tuymans and Susan Hiller: The Go-Between & The J-Street Project
  • Francis Bacon and Franz Xaver Messerschmidt


  • Van Gogh and Britain: Pioneer Collectors
  • The Starry Messenger: Visions of the Universe
  • Richard Billingham: Zoo
  • Vive La Parisienne: Women through the eyes of the Impressionists


  • Opulence & Anxiety: Landscape Paintings from the Royal Academy of Arts
  • The Shadow
  • Georges de la Tour: Master of Candlelight
  • The Naked Portrait: 1900 – 2007


  • Alberto Giacometti
  • James Coleman
  • Special Display – Portraits from Chequers: Kings, Queens and Revolutionaries
  • The Fabric of Myth
  • Oskar Kokoschka: Exile and New Home 1938 – 1980
  • Jack B. Yeats: Masquerade and Spectacle: the Circus and the Travelling Fair


  • Fatal Attraction: Diana and Actaeon – The Forbidden Gaze
  • Georgian Portraits: Seeing is Believing
  • Constable Portraits: The Painter and his Circle
  • The Artist’s Studio


  • Francis Bacon: In Camera
  • Volcano: Turner to Warhol
  • Kurt Tong: In Case it Rains in Heaven


  • Wool Work: A Sailor’s Art
  • Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson
  • What the Folk Say: Contemporary Artist Interventions
  • Capability Brown and the Landscapes of Middle England
  • Stanley Spencer and the English Garden
  • Remember, Remember: A History of Fireworks in Britain
  • Quentin Blake – As Large as Life


  • Into the Light: French and British Painting from Impressionism to the early 1920s
  • Gainsborough’s Landscapes: Themes and Variations
  • The Image of a King
  • Flight and the Artistic Imagination
  • Tapestry: Weaving the Century at Dovecot Studios 1912 – 2012


  • Bellini, Botticelli, Titian: 500 Years of Italian Art
  • Turner and Constable: Sketching from Nature: Works from the Tate Collection
  • Reviewing the Landscape: A Contemporary Response
  • A Fantastical Animal Alphabet
  • Curious Beasts: Animal Prints from the British Museum


  • Moore Rodin. Find out more
  • Art from Ammunition: Trench Art from the First World War
  • British Folk Art Exhibition


  • The Non-Conformists: Photographs by Martin Parr
  • Canaletto: Celebrating Britain. Find out more
  • The National Gallery Masterpiece Display: Canaletto’s ‘A Regatta on the Grand Canal’
  • The Hart Silversmiths: A Living Tradition
  • The Arts & Crafts House: Then and Now
  • Periodic Tales: The Art of the Elements


  • Shakespeare in Art: Tempests, Tyrants and Tragedy
  • Boydell’s Vision: The Shakespeare Gallery in the 18th Century
  • The Fifties Allotment
  • BBC Faces of Comedy
  • Britain in the Fifties: Design and Aspiration
  • Queen Victoria in Paris: Watercolours from the Royal Collection
  • Picasso on Paper


  • Creating the Countryside: Thomas Gainsborough to Today
  • Unsilencing the Library
  • Seurat to Riley: The Art of Perception – Pattern, pointillism & Op art
  • The Lost Words. Find out more
  • Quentin Blake: Inside Stories


  • Created in Conflict: British Soldier Art from the Crimean War to Today
  • Ravilious & Co: The Pattern of Friendship. English Artist Designers 1922-1942
  • Six Artists Celebrate: Six Artists Celebrate Enid Marx and The British Folk Art Collection
  • The Marvellous Mechanical Museum
  • Rodney Peppé’s World of Invention
  • Whistler and Nature


  • Childhood Now
  • Painting Childhood: From Holbein to Freud
  • Green Dwelling: Art in the Park
  • A Tea Journey: From the Mountains to the Table
  • This Is Us
  • Magnum Manifesto
  • Ariel Schlesinger: Ways To Say Goodbye


  • Cranach: Artist and Innovator
  • The Open Arms


  • Rebecca Louise Law: Seasons – A journey through nature. Find out more
  • Mary Newcomb: Nature’s Canvas
  • Art Night at Compton Verney
  • Grinling Gibbons: Centuries in the Making. Find out more
  • John Nash: The Landscape of Love and Solace
  • The Digital Biosphere