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This image shows an art gallery or museum space with blue walls and ornate columns. Paintings in gilded frames are hung on the walls, including portraits and still life pieces. In the centre of the room, there is an installation of geometric shapes or blocks arranged on the floor in waves of white, blue, and pinkish-red colours. The overall atmosphere appears elegant and curated, combining classical architectural elements with a modern, abstract floor installation.


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Considered the best in Europe outside the Capodimonte Museum in Naples, Compton Verney houses a collection of Neapolitan art from the Golden Age of Baroque Painting (1600–1800). The designated collection of archaic Chinese bronzes is one of the top three in Europe and there is a small collection of Portraits and Miniatures, plus one of the best collections of Northern European sculpture and painting. Compton Verney is also home to the largest collection of Folk Art in Britain; and a bequest of objects from the textile designer Enid Marx and historian Margaret Lambert.


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a dragon sculpture on a chair in front of a red and white printed pattern wallpaper



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