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On Sunday 14 July, there will be a rolling road block in place from 9.30am – 10.30am on the B4086 from Compton Verney to Kineton for the Tempo 10km and Half-Marathon. Please plan your journey accordingly.


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MX-5 Owner's Club at Compton Verney

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A Glimpse into our Portraits Gallery

This image shows people stood in an art gallery with wooden floors and warm, dark grey walls. Portraits of important figures hang on the walls in ornate gold frames. A black bench sits in the centre of the room as light shines in from tall windows on the right.
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Volunteers Week with Emily 

The image shows an art gallery room with ornate white columns, blue walls, and various framed paintings displayed. In the centre of the room stands a young woman wearing a black jacket, trousers, and shoes. She appears to be a staff member or guide, wearing an identification badge. The setting suggests she is working or employed at this gallery, surrounded by the exhibited artworks in this elegant, columned interior space.
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Summer Holidays at Compton Verney 

The image shows a group of young children dancing and celebrating at what appears to be an outdoor music festival or concert. One child in a red sequined dress has her arms raised joyfully. Another with blonde hair wears colourful arm bands and has her arms stretched upwards passionately. The third child also has their arms raised euphorically, wearing a grey top. Their expressions and body language convey an atmosphere of carefree fun, revelry, and youthful energy against a sunny sky backdrop. A smiley face icon in the lower right corner adds a playful, upbeat touch.
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What is a Twilight Wedding?

A bride and groom share a loving slow dance in the dark in front of a historical building with large classical columns and bright lights are shining out of the windows hinting at a lively reception going on inside.