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Luca Giordano 1634--1705

The Brazen Serpent and The Judgement of Solomon (pair)

Oil on canvas, Mid or late 1600s


Pestle and Mortar, Trade Sign

Tôle peinte (painted metal sheet), 1800-1900

Lorenzo Vaccaro 1655-1706

Saint Michael the Archangel

Silver and gilt bronze, About 1700

Tommaso Ruiz, Active Naples about 1750

The Bay of Naples seen from Posillipo

Oil on copper, About 1760


Saint Barbara

Oil on wood panel, About 1519-27


Basket Weaver’s Sign

Metal and stone, After 1900

J Mark or Clark

Royal Ratcatcher

Oil on canvas, About 1807



Wood, painted, Mid 1800s

Giuseppe Bonito

The Poet

Oil on canvas, About 1742


Death Portrait: North Netherlandish School

Oil on oak panel, About 1530


Ritual Wine Vessel and cover, you

Bronze - Middle Western Zhou Dynasty, About 1050-771 BC

Gabriele Ricciardelli active 1740-1780

The Lanterna del Molo, Naples

Oil on canvas, Unknown


White Staffordshire earthenware pottery with gold highlights

White Staffordshire earthenware pottery with gold highlights

Carlo Bonavia Active 1751-1788

A Storm off a Rocky Coast

Oil on canvas, 1757



Watercolour and collage, About 1850

Gunner Baldie


Wool and silk, 1875-1880


Ritual food vessel, gui

Bronze, Early Western Zhou dynasty (about 1050-771 BC)

Enid Marx

Curtain fabric with geometric block pattern

Black block printed undyed linen, with yellow cotton lining

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