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Wine vessel, bianhu

Bronze, Warring States period, c.400-200 BC

Pietro Fabris

Peasants Merry-making on the Shore at Posillipo

Oil on canvas, 1777


Heavenly Horse, tianma

Bronze, Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220)

Enid Marx

Tyger, Tyger

Four-colour linocut on paper, 1958

Tommaso Ruiz, Active Naples about 1750

The Bay of Naples seen from Posillipo

Oil on copper, About 1760


Fantastical animal head

Carved wood, hand painted


Vessel and cover, dou

Black pottery, Eastern Zhou dynasty, (770-221 BC): Warring States Period (475-221 BC)


Policeman Whirligig

Wood, painted, Early 1800s

Pietro Fabris

The Temple of Hera at Paestum

Oil on canvas, Late 1770s


Cornucopia or Horns of Plenty

Green-glazed wall-mounted vases, About 1890

J Miles

A Suprising Incident

Oil on canvas, About 1811-1850


The Charing Cross Arms

Oil on canvas, 1819

R Madison Mitchell

Floating Swan Decoy

Cork, wood and lead, 1955

Giuseppe Ruoppolo d.1710

Still Life with Fruit and Mushrooms

Oil on canvas, about 1700


Tom Sayers, Prize Fighter

Oil on panel, About 1840

Enid Marx

Still life with Staffordshire dog and tulips

Oil on canvas, About 1950–1955


Feline Friends

Oil on canvas, About 1870

William Scrots Active 1537-53

King Edward VI

Oil on panel, About 1550


Ritual wine vessel

Bronze, 770-475 BC