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Pair of Console Tables





Pair of Console Tables


About 1750-70


Wood and granite


CVCSC:0233.1.1.S, CVCSC:0233.2.1.S




On Display

Each of these elaborate console tables has a rare green-granite top. Their carved decoration is painted in gold, white, green and pink, and is reminiscent of the delicate porcelain produced for the court in Naples at the Capodimonte porcelain factory. Across the front, in the apron frieze, is the head of a lion holding two garlands of roses, which wind their way around all four legs. Placed across the centre of the leg stretchers is a two-headed swan with outstretched wings, holding a flower in each of its beaks. The raised head of one of the two-headed swans is turned to the left, while the other is turned to the right. This suggests that the tables were designed as a pair, since when they are placed together the swans look across at each other. They closely resemble decorative furniture in the Spanish royal palace of El Pardo outside Madrid and may have been made either in Naples or in Madrid by a carver who knew the porcelain rooms created in both cities by Charles III, King of Naples, who succeeded to the Spanish throne in 1759.

Pair of Console Tables About 1750-70 © Compton Verney