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Three Legged Dog, Toasting Fork

Wood and iron, 1750-1850

Francesco Solimena 1657-1747

Priam in the Tent of Achilles

Oil on Canvas, About 1695

Tilman Riemenschneider About 1460- 1531

A Female Saint

Limewood, About 1515–20


Sheep-shearer’s Bench and Sheep Shears

Oak, pine and iron, 1850-1900



Pottery, About 1850

James Booth Higginson

A Still Life with Cheese, Bread and Beer

Oil on canvas, 1870

Giuseppe Ruoppolo d.1710

Still Life with Fruit and Mushrooms

Oil on canvas, about 1700


Ritual food vessel, ding

Bronze, Spring and Autumn period (770-475 BC)

Pietro Fabris

Peasants Merry-making on the Shore at Posillipo

Oil on canvas, 1777


Ceremony at Gretna Green

Oil on canvas, 1907

After Hans Holbein the Younger About 1497–1543

King Henry VIII

Oil on wood panel, About 1560


The Cock Fight

Oil on canvas, About 1850


Five T mirror

Bronze, Eastern Zhou dynasty, Warring States Period (475-221 BC)


Victorian text plaques

Lustre and transfer-printed earthenware, About 1837-1901

Enid Marx

Winter Flowers

Oil on canvas, About 1950–1955

Pieter Huys About 1519-1584

The Descent Into Limbo

Oil on Panel, 1547-1577


Cocoon-shaped vessel, hu

Painted pottery, Western Han dynasty (202 BC- AD 9)

Enid Marx

Tyger, Tyger

Four-colour linocut on paper, 1958

Francesco de Mura 1696-1782

St Nicholas of Bari Received into Paradise

Oil on canvas, 1733–4