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Enid Marx

Marionette in Cossack Costume

Oil on board, About 1940s


Feline Friends

Oil on canvas, About 1870


Noli me tangere or Christ in the Garden with Mary Magdalene

Painted wood relief, About 1500


Dagger axe, ge

Bronze , Western Zhou Dynasty (about 1050- about 771 BC)


Queen Elizabeth I

Oil on wood panel, About 1590

Enid Marx

Curtain fabric with jungle repeat pattern

Black and green/yellow block printed undyed linen


4 Horn Beakers

Horn, 1800-1850

Eric Ravilious

Alphabet nursery-ware mugs

Wedgwood transfer-printed cream earthenware, 1937


Nine Angry Bulls

Oil on canvas, About 1830


Fire Improver Bellows

Metal and mahogany, About 1800

After Hans Holbein the Younger About 1497–1543

King Henry VIII

Oil on wood panel, About 1560

Giovanni Battista Ruoppolo 1629-1693

Still Life with Figs, Cherries, Plums and Two Guinea Pigs

Oil on canvas, About 1685

Giuseppe Bonito 1707-89

Portrait of a Man Smoking a Pipe

Oil on canvas, About 1730

Master of the Countess of Warwick (active 1567-69) about 1539–1617

Sir Thomas Knyvet

Oil on wood panel, About 1565


Bell, zheng

Bronze - Eastern Zhou dynasty, 770-221 BC


Teapot, Trade Sign

Papier mâché, gilt and paint, 1850-1900

Pietro Fabris

The Festival of the Madonna dell’Arco

Oil on canvas, 1777

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