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Goldsheet-applied mirror

Bronze, Tang dynasty (AD 618-906)

Sir William Beechey R.A

Mirza Abu’l Hassan Khan

Oil on canvas, 1809-10



Tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl and gold inlay, 1725-1750


Ceremony at Gretna Green

Oil on canvas, 1907

initialled M.L.L.

South View of Fen End Farm

Watercolour and ink on paper, 1790

Grace Hastwell

Stitched wool and cotton

Stitched wool and cotton, 1837

Corrado Giaquinto 1703-1766

The Last Supper

Oil on canvas, 1740s


Ritual food vessel, gui

Bronze, Late Shang dynasty (about 1700-1050 BC), about 1100 BC

John S Newton

Pottergate, Richmond, Yorkshire

Oil on canvas, 1847

Lorenzo Vaccaro

The Four Continents: America

Marble, About 1670-1690


Ritual food vessel, fu

Bronze, Eastern Zhou dynasty, Spring and Autumn Period (770-475 BC), about 600-500 BC


Noli me tangere or Christ in the Garden with Mary Magdalene

Painted wood relief, About 1500

Eric Ravilious

Alphabet nursery-ware mugs

Wedgwood transfer-printed cream earthenware, 1937

J Miles

A Suprising Incident

Oil on canvas, About 1811-1850

Lucas Cranach the Elder 1472- 1553

Venus and Cupid

Oil on beechwood panel, About 1525



Pottery, Early 1900s


Vessel and cover in the shape of a xu

Cloisonné enamel on gilt bronze, Qing dynasty, Qianlong period (AD 1736-1796)

Martin Schongauer About 1445-91

The Virgin and Child Crowned by Angels

Oil on softwood panel, About 1470-75


Kettle, Trade Sign

Metal, About 1900s


Animal and grapevine mirror

Bronze, Tang dynasty (AD 618-906)

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