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R Madison Mitchell

Floating Swan Decoy

Cork, wood and lead, 1955

Giovanni Battista Ruoppolo 1629-1693

Still Life with Figs, Cherries, Plums and Two Guinea Pigs

Oil on canvas, About 1685


Ritual food vessel, ding

Bronze, Late Shang dynasty (about 1500-1050 BC), about 1200 BC

Enid Marx

Sturgeon in water

Collage in ink, foil, plastic and paper

Strasbourg School

The Scene at Golgotha

Polychrome wood relief, about 1470-1480


Bow-shaped object

Bronze , Late Shang or Early Western Zhou dynasty (about 1500- 1050 BC or about 1050-771 BC)

Thomas Wainwright

Bridge Foot, Castleford, Yorkshire

Oil on canvas, 1892


Pull-along Toy Bull

Wood and metal, About 1900



Tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl and gold inlay, 1725-1750

Corrado Giaquinto 1703-1766

The Last Supper

Oil on canvas, 1740s


Stem cup

Cloisonné enamel on gilt-bronze - Ming dynasty, AD 1368-1644


Heavenly Horse, tianma

Bronze, Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220)


Victorian text plaques

Lustre and transfer-printed earthenware, About 1837-1901


Family Group

Oil on canvas, About 1840

Forte, Luca

Still Life with Apples, Grapes and a Dragonfly

Oil on copper, About 1658


Ritual ewer and cover, he

Bronze, Early Eastern Zhou dynasty (770-221 BC), between 800-700 BC


Basket Weaver’s Sign

Metal and stone, After 1900


Ritual covered wine vessel, fangyi

Bronze, Shang dynasty (about 1500-1050 BC), about 1300-1100 BC

initialled M.L.L.

South View of Fen End Farm

Watercolour and ink on paper, 1790


Lark Decoy

Wood and Mirrors, About 1800

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