Compton Verney’s Youth Advisory Panel: The journey so far….

We were in the midst of a third lockdown when I applied to Compton Verney’s Youth Advisory Panel. By then, it’d been 6 months since I had stepped into a museum or gallery space, and I was desperate for any opportunity to relive the visitor experience. I had scoured every online tour you could take, listened to an unreasonable amount of podcasts, and had stared longingly at the Instagram accounts of galleries across the world. But, in all that longing for a return to arts and culture, big questions still loomed. With time away from galleries and museum spaces, many of us had the opportunity to re-examine art’s place within our lives, and the way in which institutions and galleries made us feel about art. With this wider societal debate in mind, I applied to be a youth advisor for Compton Verney and was luckily accepted into the role. In many ways, joining the role felt like an empowering moment, both as a young person and as a visitor.   In the art world, there is always a sense of mystery when it comes to putting on exhibitions and shows, which the average visitor never quite gets to see. And […]

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