Photographing the Landscape and Garden at Compton Verney

As always, I’m keen to explore ways to bring the grounds at Compton Verney to life for those who aren’t able to visit, and photography offers much potential. You might not be aware that, in addition to the regular Compton Verney twitter and facebook platforms, I use you tube, flickr, twitter and of course this weblog, where you’ll find a range of images and short video clips. Further links at bottom of this post.

Most of my photography is taken using my personal mobile phone which to be honest is all I need. Just a few moments taken every now and then to capture a fresh flower, dramatic sky or working moment. Composing an image is often little more than crouching down and playing with the zoom and light settings!

To be honest I’ve lost count of the number of images that I’ve trashed as they haven’t worked well enough to share – only yesterday I struggled to capture two tench that swam casually by the lakeside bank! However, there is a host of editing tools on the various apps that have saved many a poor image of mine, and often made an average photo into a half decent one.

I was excited to discover another app recently called Sphere, a 360 degree photography app that has much potential for landscape and garden photography. I have yet to master the technology having struggled to capture the more architectural elements at Compton Verney, but if all works, the image below will give a taste of its capability. (Now that’s a word that keeps popping up!)

I have strived to access the app across the many platforms, so do have a look at the link below and I’d be happy to have your feedback – positive or negative:

If you’d like to see other grounds images, you can find us on:

Flickr – Compton Verney Grounds

YouTube – Compton Verney Grounds

Twitter – #CVGrounds

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