June – The Landscape at Compton Verney

Welcome to this ‘June’ article, the sixth in a series of posts which aim to review, through photographs, twelve months of activity in and around the diverse landscape of Compton Verney. It’s a historic landscape that has seen much change, from the shaping of the areas as new plants establish to the visual delight gained from one of a number of artistic interactions.

There are huge changes in the atmosphere from the busiest of open days to quiet days when just bird song can be heard. Either way, visually the landscape changes minute by minute and it’s wonderful to be there to experience it – and on occasion capture an image or two!

Links to other months will be added at the bottom of the page, but for now, I hope you enjoy ‘June – The landscape at Compton Verney’ :


Having popped around to check that all was tidy in the courtyard, I happily stumbled upon preparations by a florist for a wedding – I couldn’t resist this quick photo of these very English looking table arrangements – perfect for a summer wedding at Compton Verney! © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2014



Sort of keeping on the event theme, here’s an image or two from the grounds weekend event, which included a range of trades people including one of our plant suppliers Rimo Nurseries.



The grounds weekend also featured Bob’s Birds which were very well received with flying demonstrations and a range of birds on display. Many of our more regular birds avoided Compton Verney air space that weekend for sure! © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2014



Forest School is becoming a regular offering from Compton Verney, and rightfully so considering that it fits so perfectly with the landscape at our disposal. These images give only a hint at some of the tasks, challenges and opportunities that occur during each session, with learning – enjoyable, outdoor based learning at the heart of every session. It’s so successful we can now also take bookings for forest school birthday parties!



June also saw one of my favoured workshops hosted at Compton Verney, that of DSLR Landscape Photography. Local Pro-photographer Sally Crane managed the sessions which gave ample opportunity for participants to explore the grounds, trying out new techniques along the way. Reviewing the results was fascinating with many lessons and tips learned…



Focusing more on grounds work, I’m glad to say that June saw the large part of the Cedar tree renovation completed. Following a grant by the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust, we were able to renovate our prized Lebanon Cedar that sits in the front lawn. This images shows mulch being added and levelled following aeration work. © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2014


Ah, Angling. On this image we’re looking at one of the ‘swims’ our anglers use to access the upper pool. You can tell from the marginal vegetation that should we leave this for too long – it would clog up the lake edges completely, making fishing impossible. We’re therefore tasked with getting in with waders to physically tear out some of the excess weed material. It is certainly a nice cooling task for the June heat! © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2014



Of course, the lake edge clearing is the same for any garden pond – remove the material, leaving it on the lake edge overnight so that little water creatures have opportunity to crawl back to the water. © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2014


This was one of those moments that catches you unawares. It was a rainy day in the coppice, and during a particularly heavy storm I took shelter beneath a tree. There looking back at me, just a few feet away, was a bedraggled Tawny Owl. All looked OK but for the wet feathers, and after research we were reassured that all was as it should be, and should be well if we left things alone. Within twelve hours the bird was long gone, with no sign of problems – thankfully! © Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2014

June 2014 was a mixed-bag weather wise, and a particularly active month in terms of grounds based events. Of particular note, but not shown in images was the Capability Brown Festival Training day, which saw many Brown landscape experts and owners attend in support of the 2016 festival which is currently being planned. The Compton Verney effort in support of this day was considerable, with much volunteer time given over to help things run smoothly. We have been flattered by much praise and support for our efforts, and we’re now planning our part as a hub landscape for 2016.

June was thoroughly enjoyable even considering the hard work! Diversity seems to have been a theme with the grounds soaking up all the diversity we could throw at it – coming back for more each time! I hope you managed to make the grounds weekend or one of the many alternative events, if not, do look out for more in 2015 with a new program of events on its way!

Regards, Gary Webb, Head of Landscape & Garden at Compton Verney.

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