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Wildlife Tracking Day

Sat 6 October 2018, 10.30am4.30pm

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Wildlife Tracking Day

Read the signs and clues left by wild animals to work out what creatures have been visiting our woodland.

Look for trails, droppings, fur, holes and scratchings to build a picture of what happens in the woods that we don’t see.

Also learn how to spot, record and report wildlife crime to help protect our woodland creatures by investigating a crime scene. A fun and exciting day in the woods that will help protect badgers, and their woodland friends.

Suitable for older children 10 years plus, teenagers and adults.

Tickets £10

Three slots available:

10.30am – 12 noon

12.30pm – 2pm

3pm – 4.30pm

Please note, you will also need a valid day ticket, Membership or Annual Pass.