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The Wilder Side of Compton Verney

Sun 7 July 2019, 11.00am4.00pm

The Wilder Side of Compton Verney

Celebrate National Meadows Day by immersing yourself in nature and discovering the wildlife thriving in Compton Verney’s meadows, woods and parkland.

Call in at the Pollination Station to understand the importance of bees and other insects to the environment, or drop in to our Forest School and create insect inspired art works. Follow badger trails, settle down at the bird hide and go pond-dipping for creepy-crawlies! We’re also very excited to introduce you to Hushwings the owl, who will take you on a remarkable flying tour of our Park in a 360° virtual reality video experience.

FREE with admission (Valid Membership, Annual Pass or Day Ticket)

Native Tree and Shrub Trail
Follow our special trail, find out some fascinating facts about our native trees and the ecological benefits of planting them in your garden.

Wondrous Wings
Spread your own creative wings down at Nature’s Art Box by helping to make a giant set of wings using woven ribbons and natural materials. Remember to take a photo! 

Forest School
Create a new species of insect using a range of natural and art resources. Go bug hunting for real creepy crawlies. Help us weave spider webs in the trees. 

Warwickshire Badger Group
Follow the badger treasure hunt through the Ice House Coppice and paint your own badger pebble to take home.

Meet the Pollinators
Wildlife role play fun. A giant foraging honeybee and a giant apple blossom flower hold a conversation – what happens next? Try on our special headgear and find out!

Hedgehog Friendly Town
Take part in various hedgehog-related activities and find out more about what you can do to help our declining hedgehog population.

All about Birds
Drop by to learn about some of the 100+ species of birds that visit or live at Compton Verney. There will be some unusual birds on display to see too.

All about Moths
Discover the surprising beauty of these butterflies of the night – you might be in for a surprise.

All about Fungi
Find out more about this hidden but vitally important aspect of the historic landscape, and the incredible range and colour of the fungi at Compton Verney.

All about Bees
Learn about bee keeping & honey harvesting at Compton Verney.  Try on a beekeeping suit and get a bee close-up at the observation hive, if you are brave enough.

All about Meadows
Gary Webb, Compton Verney’s Head of Landscape and Gardens, gives tips and techniques for creating successful wildflower meadows.

Fly through the grounds with Hushwings
Meet Hushwings the owl who will take you on a remarkable flying tour of our park in a 360 degree virtual reality video experience. Presentation by Infinite Pixel in partnership with RIVR.

The Ferry, 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Take a trip across the lake.

Pond Dipping
Watery wildlife hunting: can you spy a pond skater, spot a diving beetle or net a newt?

Bird Watching
Our recently constructed bird hide is the place to be if you want to catch a close-up glimpse of some of our many feathered friends.

The Clearing
Find out more about how life might be in the future in our geodesic dome by the lake. What wildlife will you find there?

Don’t forget!
Wild flower watching – both our West Lawn & Old Town Meadows are at their peak now, so feel free to talk a walk along the mown paths – if you’re lucky you might spot one of our three recently discovered wild orchids!

Silent Space – birdsong in the Ice House Coppice can be incredible. If you feel like a bit of peace and quiet, call in at our Silent Space, take a seat and just listen.

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