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Sun 12 December 2021Sun 13 February 2022


The Digital Biosphere is an immersive digital experience that has been created for Compton Verney, in collaboration with their Youth Advisory Panel, by architectural designers Alex Fox and Eleanor Loasby. The installation focusses on understanding our biosphere, the planet Earth, and the dangers it faces due to climate change. Through the use of film and virtual reality, the installation will engage the visitors with the radical changes our ecosystems face.

Focussing on present and near future crises of our planet; entomological loss and environmental degradation, the exhibited experience takes the viewer through a timeline of a semi-fictional British landscape showing stages of environmental loss in a tangible time scale.

Projections in the space play out a cyclical experience of the landscape changing from a wondrous living, to a depleted dying environment. Immerse yourself further by experiencing the Digital Biosphere in Virtual Reality (VR), exploring the environment in 3-dimensional space.

Alex and Eleanor are young award-winning designers working in the Architecture industry. Both have recently completed Masters degrees in Architecture with Distinctions at prestigious London Universities. Their interests in film-making, photography and architecture have been used to developed projects which tackle environmental loss and future solutions. Raising awareness through their storytelling and digital representation.


About the Youth Advisory Panel

Compton Verney’s Youth Advisory Panel is made up on 8 young people aged 18-24 years, during 2021 they have been helping to shape ideas around how we engage, represent and support young people now and into the future.

Compton Verney would like to thank Charlie, Evan, Hope, Isabelle, Olivia, Sidal, Will and Christopher for their commitment and contribution to the project.


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