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Moore Rodin

Sat 15 February 2014, 11.00amSun 31 August 2014, 5.00pm

Moore Rodin
10th Anniversary Year – Moore Rodin at Compton Verney
This ground-breaking international exhibition compares the work of two giants of modern sculpture: Henry Moore and Auguste Rodin. This is the first exhibition to be devoted exclusively to these artists, with major works being displayed in our ‘Capability’ Brown landscape as well as in our exhibition spaces.

In the grounds
Enjoy eleven large scale works which complement, challenge and create new perspectives to vistas ‘Capability’ Brown formed in the 1760s. Amongst these amazing pieces is one of Rodin’s most famous works, Monument to the Burghers of Calais (usually on display outside the Houses of Parliament), Moore’s magnificent monumental Three Piece Sculpture: Vertebrae and The Arch.

Included in collections and grounds admission. 

Inside the galleries
Gain an amazing insight into the works of these two artists. Explore the parallels between their treatment of the figure through a beautiful collection of drawings and models made for larger works. See a special display curated by Moore’s daughter Mary which reveals both artists as keen collectors of antiquities and found objects which profoundly influenced their work. The final treat is a display of rarely seen archival documents and photographs taken by Henry Moore revealing that …as time has gone on, my admiration for Rodin has grown and grown.

Included in exhibition, collections and grounds admission. 

Exhibition organised in collaboration with The Henry Moore Foundation and musée Rodin, Paris.

All images above reproduced by permission of The Henry Moore Foundation and the musée Rodin, Paris. Photographs by Andy Stammers and Jamie Woodley.

Exhibition paint kindly supplied by Farrow & Ball