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Meet the artist Sigrid Holmwood

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Sun 30 July 2017, 11.00am4.00pm

Meet the artist Sigrid Holmwood

Find out from Sigrid all about her pigment making, help her forage for wildflowers to make yellows, make red pigments from the ‘Madder’ plant and discover how to use natural dyes in art.

A self-described “peasant painter,” Sigrid Holmwood’s body of work is inspired by her experiences with back-to-the-land communities such as Swedish historical reenactors, California bohemians, and rural Chinese farmers. Using handmade paints mixed from 16th-century recipes, Holmwood’s vibrant, energetic canvases feature the people and environments she encounters during her research on contemporary peasant life. For Holmwood, these materials and subjects fuse seamlessly: “By using this persona of a ‘peasant painter’ and making all my paints and materials from scratch, I focus on the way that materials and the performative interaction with them can generate meaning.”

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