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James Coleman

Sat 15 March 2008, 11.00amSun 1 June 2008, 5.00pm

James Coleman

Since the 1970s James Coleman has created a distinct and innovative body of work that reflects on the subjective nature of the image. His installations take the form of film, video and multiple slide projections, using synchronised audio narration. At the core of his work is an exploration of the physical and psychological encounter between spectator and projected image.

His imaginatively structured work employs theatrical and narrative devices to create multiple and interrelated associations, which are informed by memory and psychology but ultimately by the social and cultural conditioning of the viewer.

Coleman (born 1941, Ireland) remains one of the most powerful voices on the contemporary art scene. This is a rare opportunity to see his work in Britain following solo exhibitions in Paris (1996), Barcelona (1999), Munich (2002), Lisbon (2005) and Dublin (2006).