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Into the Light

French and British Painting from Impressionism to the early 1920s

Sat 31 March 2012, 11.00amSun 10 June 2012, 5.00pm

Into the Light

This exhibition surveys the production of paintings on both sides of the Channel during this decisive period in the history of European art. The development of artists’ materials and the way they could transport them allowed painters to develop new approaches and techniques. As this exhibition shows, the result offered a more spontaneous response to place and stunning depictions of the shifting of light over the landscape which often challenged academic standards.


Into the light reveals connections and compares the work of British and French Impressionists and Post-impressionists. It will offer a rare opportunity to consider whether British artists were merely following French innovations or were producing work that was more suited to contemporary British interests and values.

The exhibition contains 53 works by artists including Vanessa Bell, Eugene Boudin, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Walter Sickert, Alfred Sisley, Alexander Stanhope Forbes and Philip Wilson Steer.

Organised by the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, Exeter.