Edgehill Half-marathon, Compton Verney

For just a few hours today Compton Verney became the start and finish venue for the edgehill half-marathon organised by Tempo Events.


The runners and their supporters began arriving very early in the sunshine, to register their entry beneath the stunning Georgian portico. The above image shows those moments just before the klaxon sounded….


Away at 9:30 on the dot, with the runners above shown crossing the Adam bridge. Whilst the they pad on with focus, the sphinxes seem to turn their heads in amusement!


In less than an hour and a half, the first runners were returning across the finish line on our sun soaked south lawn, with a good deal of applause and cheers from supporters.


It was good to recognise one of the entrants – Compton Verney’s very own John Crossley! I even managed to capture his returning moment below – fully airborne in his hurry to get home for the Wimbledon final!


Following the race, some of the younger supporters were gathered for an official Fun-run around the mown paths of our historic East Park – such a lovely bonus for the younger ones attending; and just as competitive as the adults half marathon!

From my perspective, it is really great to see the meadow used for such an activity, and I certainly hope to see this sort of activity expand in future. Well done to all who entered and their supporters – a great atmosphere indeed!

Happy Sunday!

All images (c) Compton Verney / Gary Webb