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Early Years Forest Club

Thu 26 May 2022, 10.00amThu 2 June 2022, 11.30am

Early Years Forest Club

What happens at Forest Club?

Our Forest Club Sessions are filled with fun and fresh air!

Sessions offer lots of opportunities for children to be in charge! There are regular areas of activity, so children feel safe, familiar and confident, the mud kitchen, digging pit, bug hunting areas are firm favourites.

Each week they will also find a new invitation to make, create or explore. Activities are usually nature- based crafts, seasonal or link to themes in the art gallery.

Our amazing team of Forest Club and Learning Leaders, along with the super skilled volunteers will support and guide you and your child if you need it. The aim of the session is to encourage your child to explore and lead the play and discovery for themselves and of course learn the marshmallow rules!

Join us for a Jubilee Themed Forest Club on Thursday 2 June, where we will make:

  • Nature crowns
  • Pine cone queen bees
  • Design the Queen a nature inspired gown

Why is it great for children ( and adults!)?

Spending time in nature, nurtures children’s creativity, promotes good health, inspires problem solving, encourages risk taking and enables children to really connect with the natural environment.

Developing self-confidence, imagination, collaboration and resilience in challenging circumstances are skills vital to our young people! Taking part in activities like these are a great place to start.

When can we take part?

Every Thursday during term time

Thursday 3rd March – 1 December 2022, at 10-11.30 am

£7.50 per child per session
Most suitable for children aged 1-6 years.

Remember to come ready to play in all weathers, messy clothes are best, the dirt will wash off but the memories will last for ever!

Pre booking coming soon.

Please note, accompanying adults will need a valid Membership or day ticket.
Bookings are non-transferable and non-refundable. Please ensure when booking that you select the correct date and time

Weather: High winds can be dangerous in woodland because of the possibility of falling branches and damage to shelters. Staff and Landscape Manager stay informed of weather conditions via the Met Office website. If we need to cancel we will try to give 24 hours notice or find an alternative indoor space if possible. This will be communicated via our website, social media and email where able.


Unfortunately we do not offer Forest Club Parties at this moment in time. You are however; very welcome to come into the grounds and make use of the picnic spaces, sand pits, play equipment and food offering for your gatherings.

We are also happy to take your contact email address and get in touch if we do decide to introduce a Forest Club Party offering at any point in the future.