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A view from above of a lightbox with coloured shapes on with hands moving the blocks.
Family Activities


Every term time Tuesday, 10.30am - 3pm

Creative and imaginative play for young children in inspiring gallery spaces.

Spend time exploring creative resources, building, socialising, reading, getting imaginative and inspired in exciting spaces!

We are encouraging you and your under 5s to play and explore in the heart of the gallery and on Tiny Tuesdays there’s even more on offer. Find us in Adam Hall on the Ground floor.

Before you visit…


Tiny Tuesdays will be supported by Play Assistant, Tyne. She will join in with your play, signpost you to other fun places in the collections and suggest ways to engage in the gallery.

You can head to the café to enjoy your snacks and drinks. Please do not eat or drink in the galleries.

The image shows a playful and messy scene with a young child engaged in creative artwork or painting. The child is lying on the floor surrounded by various art supplies like paints, brushes, crayons, and toys scattered around them. The child appears to be wearing a white outfit that has paint or color smeared over it, suggesting they were fully immersed in the artistic process. The bright colors, toys, and disarray capture the uninhibited joy and freedom of childhood creativity and self-expression.
Get Mucky,Get Making
A child is being helped by a woman to pour liquid in to a dish. They are in an outside school environment.
Family Activities

Get Mucky,
Get Making

Thu 25 Jul – Thu 29 Aug 2024

Artist play day
A boy in a white top points to something and looks in the distance, with a handmade strucutre behind him made from different materials, all set on a green lawn.
Family Activities Included in Admission


play day

Wed 24 Jul – Wed 28 Aug 2024

Big ArtHoliday Camp
Family Activities

Big Art
Holiday Camp

Tue 13 Aug 2024