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Nature has been a fascination for artists throughout history. We are taking inspiration from the artists in our exhibitions to suggest ways to connect with the natural world and enjoy the benefits that can bring.
Mary Newcomb:  her paintings, sketches and diary writing reflects her immersion and relationship with the natural world. They serve to remind us of the simple pleasures and benefits that can be derived from taking time to pause, notice and connect with everything from a rolling landscape to a caterpillar munching the leaves.
Rebecca Louise Law:  hails from six generations of gardeners, obsessed with flowers as a child, she still believes they are a precious gift to us from the natural world. She has been keeping daily records of nature using sketching diaries, capturing thoughts and feelings and the seasonal changes she observes.

There are so many ways to spend time in nature and whilst we are beginning to understand why this has benefits to our mental and physical health, there is still much exciting research being done. The benefits are sometimes related to how we use our senses to connect to the natural environment, the smells, shapes, sounds and textures that we encounter, which can have calming and relaxing effects.

The benefits of time in green spaces has been researched and studied. This often reveals improved mood, positive social interactions, reduced stress and improved physical health.

Why not explore some of the suggestions here to enjoy the health benefits of our beautiful landscape.

For more research and information MIND and Nature connectedness University of Derby

Keep Active

Do what you can. Enjoy what you do. Move to your mood.

-> Discover the scenic walk to our outdoor installation by Morag Myrescough, disrupting and drawing attention to our landscape.

-> Orienteering Recommend for ages 8 and up
Can you navigate through our parkland, find the posts and complete the mystery word!

Find Out More

-> Visit the Woodland Playground


Embrace new experiences. See opportunities. Surprise yourself.

-> Outdoor photography
Our grounds are a source of inspiration for all ages and abilities who enjoy using a camera.

Download a photography guide

-> Investigate the ordinary
-> Look out for the interpretation Panels around the grounds and learn more about our History


Accept uncertainty. Go with your instincts, keep your humour and creativity will follow.

-> Sketch in the Grounds
-> Write a poem
-> Design your own Wellie Creature
If you seen the wellie animals around the Grounds this spring, why not use our FREE activity sheet to design your own.

Download a Wellie Activity Sheet

Take Notice

Remember the simple things that give you joy.

-> Spring Wander Trail
Take a look around as you walk, how many treasures can be found?

Download a Spring Wander Walk

-> Bird spotting
Listen and look, can you spot all 10 birds in our Bird Spotter Guide?

Download a Bird Spotter Guide

-> Look, listen, smell, feel


Talk and listen. Be there. Feel connected.

-> Meet friends and family for a catch up over a coffee and snack from the Pod in the Park
-> Connect with nature at the Silent Space

-> Walk and talk


Your time. Your words. Your presence.

-> Share your knowledge
-> Become a volunteer
-> Donate to our charity