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Rebecca Louise Law: Seasons

A journey through nature

Fri 2 Apr - Mon 30 Aug

Filling our largest gallery space, Seasons is a visually stunning site-specific installation by British artist Rebecca Louise Law. Composed of approximately 250,000 preserved seasonal flowers and plants suspended on copper wires, the installation will reflect the ebb and flow of life. Taking the visitor on an undulating, physical and experiential journey through the year, Seasons will conclude with natural materials foraged from our own grounds.

The period of lockdown produced a collective remarkable response from many people – in both rural and urban areas – with a greater desire to connect with green spaces and the natural environment. Thousands began to explore beyond their immediate surroundings and Seasons sustains this new-found delight in nature. Other works on display will include a film projection of the year taken from Law’s Instagram account – @rebeccalouiselawdiary – plus copies of the nature diaries that Law has been keeping from November 2019 onwards.

While this commission began before the pandemic hit, the period of lockdown has inevitably made Law’s recordings of the natural world even more intense and personal: “Since 2019 I have been studying nature daily. Each day is documented through a paper diary, video diary and daily collection of natural material. Records of my life intertwining with the earth. The practice of observing each day with a focus on nature also led to a study of self. I found it impossible to separate the emotional attachment to a day and how I observed nature within that moment. Nature in the micro and macro has been recorded alongside a daily record of the seasons, life and existence. An exploration of myself as a human being and our relationship with nature has led me to this exhibition.”

Rebecca Louise Law has created ambitious artworks with natural materials across the globe, and has recently had solo exhibitions at The Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, Skovaard Museum, Denmark, Chandran Gallery, San Francisco and the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Banner: Rebecca Louise Law, The Beauty of Decay, 2016, The Chandran Gallery, Photograph by Rachel Warne
Second image: Rebecca Louise Law, The Beauty of Decay, 2016, The Chandran Gallery, Photograph by Rachel Warne

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