As part of the preparation for our 20 years celebrations, our Chinese Bronzes and Women’s Library collections will be closed from Monday 26 February, reopening with the rest of our new season on Thursday 21 March.



Kids in Museums is a national campaign to encourage more activities for and by children and young people to take place in Museums settings.
An annual event takes place in November for organisations such as Art galleries, Museums and Heritage sites to be taken over by children and young people.
This year Compton Verney worked with Stratford Upon Avon school and Campion school. Sixth form students from each school joined us on Tuesday 25 November.
Ed who studies Art, Drama and Graphic Design was interested in the role of Front of House. He selected an artwork in our collection that he loved and bases a short talk about this piece.
At 2:30pm he would present his findings to members of the public and ask for their response to the painting.
A member of the audience asked if the artist is featured in the picture, another person asked why there were blisters on the painting. Ed responded in a very confident and positive manner. Watch the short clip on facebook to see how he got on.

Ed is interested in studying Product Design but our Front of House Manager was happy to give him a gallery job right there and then.

Lucy is interested in studying fashion marketing; she worked with our marketing team to promote the activities of the day via social media. She walked around the gallery highlighting the bunting being hung up in the entrance hall and talks taking place in the galleries spaces and looking out for interesting stories throughout the day.

Lloyd and Patricia worked together with the Collections Manager on the Chinese re-display. They came up with new activities to relate to this collection for children and young people to take part in the gallery space. This worked really well as they bounced ideas off each other to figure out what could be used in a gallery environment.

They were interested in the Tang Horses and started to make 3D models of paper. They then broke down the process to think about how visitors will be able to make them and provided clear instructions.

Alice is interested in Teaching and wanted to find out more about learning in a gallery.  She was introduced to Compton Verney’s early years programme Nature November. Alice documented the session outside. Once she had warmed up inside, she started to plan how she would deliver a session for pre-school children inside the gallery. Her ideas were great based on the British Portraits Collection around family tree and portraiture. Storytelling could be based on an artist’s life and inviting the children to role-play in the galleries. The logistics to organise these activities would be feasible.

When Amiee isn’t studying Art, she’s working in a shop and wanted to see what life was like working in a shop for an Art gallery venue. She experienced searching products as a retail buyer and selected jewellery for the next year’s exhibitions. She said she wasn’t just looking for herself but for different visitors who might like different styles.

In the afternoon she spent some time in the shop thinking about the hot stops for the new range of jewellery she had researched. The shop managers were happy with her choice and hopefully bring them in for next year’s stock.

We hope to implement some of the ideas and plans the students researched, delivered and presented to us. Watch this space….

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