Well what a fascinating week we’ve had! If you follow Compton Verney or myself on twitter, there’s probably no need to tell you that we’ve been rather busy recently helping with the installation of sculpture for our forthcoming exhibition – Moore Rodin; featuring works from English sculptor Henry Moore, and French sculptor Auguste Rodin.

A grand arrival… and I’m sure this looked odd driving along the motorway!

It has of course been more than a little challenging due to weather conditions, with heaven sent moisture playing a pivotal role in the process! I have to say however that the installation team involved have so far been very helpful and respectful of our precious grounds. That said, there is some lawn repair work to complete, but very little indeed considering the size of achievement.

Ground guards – heavy but saved so much time and prevented damage.

Naturally, with my photographers eye and trusty phone camera I would have loved to have shared more images of the installation process, which has been quite an experience, but as you can imagine; I wouldn’t want to give too much of the game away! I can assure you however, and I hope the few images attached portray, that the final result is something to behold, and the collection when assembled will be a must see exhibition for certain!


We have much work ahead of us before our first open day on Saturday February 15th, but we’re a good way through the work, and can ease back a little now the main pieces are securely in position. Thankfully, our trusty gun room heater has saved the day – being pushed into action each evening to dry out some rather wet grounds gear!

mobile IMG-20140205-00162

I shall finish up for now as I need to get out and about, but do keep an eye on the Compton Verney feeds (twitter using #MooreRodin) and facebook, as more information and images are sure to be featured next week – and look to the main Compton Verney website for visiting information.

See you soon!


@GaryWebb1 #CVGrounds

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