Compton Verney is the place to…

Compton Verney is the place to…

Be playful


  1.  Play hide and seek between the blocks of Green Dwelling
  2. Bring a picnic and play eye spy; there’s so much to spot
  3. Challenge someone to a race down Wellingtonia Avenue
  4. Roll down a hill
  5. Feeling strong? Can you push the boulder in to the lake?

Be curious

  1. Follow a squirrel to find where she hides her nuts
  2. Listen to the birds singing. How many different calls can you hear? Do you know how to tell them apart?
  3. Shout your name in our Ice House and hear it boom! What do you think it was used for?
  4. Pick one wild flower from the West Lawn and take it home to press in a book
  5. Navigate one of our three Orienteering courses; download the trails here and bring a compass from home

Be creative

  1. Find the hollow in the oak tree; what’s it like inside? Write or tell a story about who live in there
  2. Lie down and look for shapes in the clouds
  3. Name the Sphinxes on our Upper Bridge. Have a conversation with them and give them personalities
  4. Bring some scrap paper and wax crayons from home and try your hand at bark rubbing. What different textures can you make?
  5. Can you spot all the colours of the rainbow? Take photos and share your findings with us on Facebook @comptonverney


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Compton Verney is a charity, and we need your support at this difficult time.Your donations help us protect and share our wonderful art and nature with as many people as possible. If you feel able to support us, we would be very grateful.

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