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The Clearing

Sat 18 March – Sun 17 December 2017, 10.30am – 5pm

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The Clearing is a collaborative artwork by Alex Hartley and Tom James, which sets out to build a vision of the future in the grounds of Compton Verney.

The project will create an evolving encampment, in the shadow of the house where people can come together to learn how to live in the world that’s coming our way. Developing throughout 2017, The Clearing will become part school, part shelter and part folly.

At the centre of The Clearing is a geodesic dome; a shabby, hand-built structure in direct contrast to the manicured landscape around it. Inside, a series of workshops will teach visitors the skills they’ll need once we’ve used all the fossil fuels and the global economy collapses: from building fires and digging toilets, through brewing mead and making wind turbines, to establishing democracies. Outside of the workshops, a series of caretakers will occupy the dome, to feed the chickens, chop the wood, and keep the vision alive.

The Clearing has been commissioned as a new ‘eye-catcher’ in the Compton Verney landscape: a 21st century version of the follies that Capability Brown once built. Half ruined and half inhabited, half melancholy and half optimistic, the project aims to help people explore the future we’re leaving for our children. The Clearing will bring people together to start a conversation, about what we stand to lose in a world afflicted by climate change, but also what we might gain.


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