Your chance to be part of a Luke Jerram artwork at Compton Verney

Your chance to be part of a Luke Jerram artwork at Compton Verney

Hunt launched for fascinating and extraordinary true stories involving boats

Crossings is an installation by UK artist Luke Jerram, created in collaboration with BBC Radio 4 producer Julian May, commissioned by Compton Verney for presentation July to September 2022.

The art installation consists of 10 rowing boats, installed on the lake of Compton Verney. Each of the boats contains a small set of speakers which play different stories gathered from around the world to the people who are onboard. Visitors will be able to choose a boat and row out into the lake for 30 -minutes and on this audio journey, be transported to another life and circumstance. The live sounds of the rowing boat on the lake will blend with the recorded audio, to help create a truly engaging and immersive experience.

Boats can be a form of transport, a vehicle to enable work, a method of escape, a tool of employment. They are a way of connecting people and places.  They can simply be an object of leisure. Boats are symbolic of journeying into the unknown and of the journey of life.

Luke, Julian and Compton Verney are now looking for fascinating and extraordinary true stories from the UK and around the world involving boats, which they can record with the person donating their story and make into a sound recording for this new artwork.  

Luke says “It could be a true life-saving story involving a boat at sea, a story from a fisherman, stories of escape by boat, story of a rowing boat race, a story of migration, journeys of adventure and discovery by boat, a story of mythology you were told involving a boat, a metaphorical boat trip such as a true story of drifting/floating from one mental state to another … or anything else, we want to hear from you.”

‘Julie Finch, CEO at Compton Verney says ‘this unique art work blurs the boundaries between art, nature and personal narratives, Luke’s art simplifies complexity and connects people, often in profound ways, part sheer enjoyment and part reflective space, see the world and your life differently by taking part in this vivid project’. 

Read more and fill in the submission form here or you can email us a sound recording made on your phone that captures the gist of your story to

The deadline for story submissions is 14th March 2022.