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On Sunday 14 July, there will be a rolling road block in place from 9.30am – 10.30am on the B4086 from Compton Verney to Kineton for the Tempo 10km and Half-Marathon. Please plan your journey accordingly.


After Hours

Friday 9 August 2024

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As the Summer sun sets, come and play in a place like no other, at Compton Verney After Hours.

Imagine wandering through captivating exhibitions as the sun sets, sipping a cocktail while hula hooping with your new circus friends. Feel the excitement as you bounce on our giant Ringworld inflatable, then let the infectious rhythms of a world-class electro swing trio and live DJ sweep you off your feet.

This isn’t your ordinary night at the museum. We’re talking glitter, costumes, and a dash of circus magic that will make you feel like you’ve run away to join the big top. Grab some mouth-watering food, strike up a conversation with our roaming performers, and lose yourself in the festive atmosphere.

Art lovers, don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten you. Join our curator for an intimate sculpture tour or dive into a thought-provoking discussion about the importance of collecting art by women and female-identifying artists. It’s also one of your last chances to experience our celebrated A Spirit Inside exhibition.

Whether you’re planning a unique date night, a family adventure, or simply need an escape from the everyday, After Hours at Compton Verney promises an unforgettable blend of culture, creativity, and pure, unadulterated fun.

prices and information

Adult – £15

19-25 year olds – £12

18 and under – £8

Under 2s – Free

6 – 9pm

Doors open at 5.45pm

You’ll need to prebook your Sculpture Tour slot at checkout.



Flying Seagulls Circus

Circus skills for all ages and a giggling comedy corner, join this renowned group as they help you master new skills while making you laugh. A warning to the crowds: this is no spectator sport!

The image depicts a whimsical outdoor scene with a group of performers or entertainers gathered around an ornately decorated tent or caravan titled


Climb and conquer Ringworld’s giant inflatable structures, sparking your sense of play and adventure. Only at After Hours can children and adults of all ages enjoy this exciting activity! Let the towering trees and sculptures around you ignite your imagination as you rediscover your passion for play.

Electro swing project

End this extraordinary evening with music from the Electro Swing Project beneath the grand trees of our Wellingtonia Avenue. Dance to their irresistible fusion of modern day Pop Music with hits of the 1920s!

Photo from
Sculpture in the Park- Louise Bourgeois, Spiderphoto by Fisher Studios. Louise Bourgeois’s art is © The Easton Foundation

Sculpture Tour

Join Compton Verney’s Director of Creative Programming and Engagement, Abigail Viner, for an exclusive tour of our new Sculpture in the Park. You’ll gain incredible insights into all of the artists and works, from Louise Bourgeois’ ‘Spider’ to ‘Pissflowers’ by Helen Chadwick.

In conversation with
Chloe Wing and Permindar Kaur

Engage in an illuminating talk with leading artists whose work is currently exhibited inside our exhibition A Spirit Inside. You’ll learn more about Chloe Wing’s intricate masterpiece ‘Paper Cage’ as well as Permindar Kaur’s powerful works ‘Turbans’ and ‘Overgrown House’.

A person with short hair and wearing casual clothing is taking a photo with their phone while standing in a gallery space with abstract artwork installation in the centre of the room, casting intricate shadow patterns.
Photo by Fisher Studios

VR experiences

Guided by our friendly staff, immerse yourself in captivating virtual worlds. Whether you want to relax, play games, or find your inner peace through meditation. Let us help you escape reality and explore new dimensions of fun and tranquillity.

explore the
collections and exhibitions

For less than the price of a regular day ticket, enjoy the unique opportunity to explore Compton Verney after hours, taking in the art at your own pace and without the usual crowds. This special access allows you to fully immerse yourself in the powerful beauty of our collections.

The image shows an art gallery. A woman with curly blonde hair and glasses is standing in the foreground, looking at the artwork on display. She is wearing a black coat or jacket. In the background, there are several other visitors viewing the exhibits, which appear to be framed paintings hanging on blue-coloured walls. The doorways and frames of the gallery space have white trim, creating an artistic and sophisticated environment for displaying and appreciating art.
Photo by Fisher Studios

Street food-inspired dining
Compton Verney


Stone baked Sourdough Pizza

Classic Margherita (V) £8

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, mozzarella, shaved parmesan & rocket, (V) (VGO) £9

Dried cured streaky bacon, mushrooms, slices of artichoke & mozzarella £9.50

(Gluten free options available)

Skin on fries (VGO) £4.50


Loaded Fries

Cheese sauce, jalapenos, salsa, sour cream and guacamole (V) (VGO) (GF) £8.50

Chicken shawarma, garlic sauce, fresh tomato, spring onion and coriander £9.50


All wrapped up with chopped salad and minted yoghurt

Chicken shawarma £10.50

Bang Bang cauliflower with pickled slaw and sriracha mayo (VGO) £9.50

(Gluten free wraps available)

Jude’s Ice Cream

Various flavours 

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The image depicts a whimsical outdoor scene with a group of performers or entertainers gathered around an ornately decorated tent or caravan titled
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