Top 5 things for Art Lovers at Compton Verney

Top 5 things for Art Lovers at Compton Verney

From ground-breaking exhibitions and outdoor installations to inspired gifts and events, there’s lots for art lovers to enjoy at Compton Verney and we have hand-picked five top things to do so you can plan to treat a loved one or yourself!

1. Explore our permanent collections

Walk through our galleries filled with art from around the world.

Here at Compton Verney, we are home to an incredible collection of art ranging from Medieval Europe and 1000BC China to the largest collection of British Folk Art in the UK! What’s more, we have art on temporary loan from other prestigious galleries; such as masterpieces by Canaletto currently on display in our 19th century Women’s Library.

Recently, our Naples collection was redisplayed along the theme of the senses. Majestic still life paintings of aromatic fruits and flowers hang across from vivid scenes of Vesuvius erupting and samples of magma and contemporary sculptures also feature. Wonder through this sensational gallery, smell the perfume samples, ring the bells, listen to the music and experience Neapolitan art like you never have before!

2. Visit an exhibition

Come to one of our ground-breaking temporary exhibitions at Compton Verney and be amazed by the work on display.

© Compton Verney, Photo by Jamie Woodley

Until 11 June, you can visit the first exhibition dedicated to folk customs in the UK today. Featuring authentic costumes from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, you can learn about some of the oldest folk traditions and newest carnivals at Making Mischief: Folk Costume in Britain. Then, at the end of May, a new exhibition will open! Come and explore the wonderful world of Quentin Blake with over 70 original illustrations in Quentin Blake: Birds, Beasts and Explorers.

© Compton Verney, Photo by Jamie Woodley

3. Attend an event

Book your ticket and attend an event like no other.

Compton Verney hosts a plethora of unique and exciting events all year for art lovers. This August, you can explore inside the giant sculpture of Architects of Air’s Luminarium, experiencing the beauty of light and colour as you move through a dazzling maze of the Luminarium’s domes, columns and branches. Or, after a breath-taking event in May that featured a live New Orleans Second Line band and performance by Boss Morris, you can return to After Hours this Summer for another evening of incredible acts that respond to our exhibitions.

4. Go outside

Venture outside into our historic grounds and enjoy our outdoor art installations.

The art at Compton Verney is not limited to inside the galleries. A bright and vivid outdoor installation entitled ‘The Village’ by contemporary artist Morag Myerscough currently sits in Old Town Meadow, encouraging all visitors to interact with work while joyfully disrupting the typical landscape. Meanwhile, our four pillars are currently adorned with artwork made in collaboration with Saathi House, Birmingham and artist Jane Thakoordin.

© Tegen Kimbley

5. Browse books, prints and gifts inspired by art

Shop our wide selection of gifts inspired by art including exhibition catalogues and bountiful books, mounted prints of some of our artworks, bags and accessories inspired by art history designs and more!