The Bee Village

The Bee Village

With a little help from community artists Art Lab & Compton Verney, a huge team of over 150 Warwickshire Young Carers came together to create this amazing Bee Village!

Bee Village was inspired by our Morag Myerscough artwork ‘The Village’ and the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative, the unique tree planting scheme encouraging us all to ‘Plant a Tree for the Jubilee’.

Tree flowers are an important nectar source for solitary bees which, in return, pollinate the trees. Warwickshire Young Carers decided to create these homes for bees, who are vital to keeping our planet green.

Sustainability was a major aim for this project; the bee hotels were produced using plywood and paint left over from building Morag’s Village, and the flowers – more than 250 of them in total – were made from waste plastic bottles collected by the young carers. The project has given Compton Verney a real buzz!

A big thank you to Art Lab, our Grounds Team and Volunteers, Marc our Technician and Warwickshire Young Carers for all your hard work.