Major grant for British Folk Art Display

Compton Verney has been awarded £36,000 from the DCMS / Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund.

The money is for the re-display the British Folk Art collection, which is one of the largest and most important collections of this genre in the UK.

British Folk Art

Dr Steven Parissien, Director of Compton Verney, says “We want to capitalise on the ever increasing popular awareness of this wonderfully rich and accessible genre which bridges the gap between amateur and professional, arts and crafts. The starting point of our plans is to create a more resonant and accessible installation of our collection.”

British Folk Art


He explained “This grant will help us renovate our Folk Art galleries, providing us with the capacity to rotate and re-display the collection it in order to attract new and serve repeat audiences, increasing our ability to contribute to new understanding and knowledge. We will also now have increased facilities for young people to enjoy and experience the collection with the creation of a brand new ‘Learning Space.”

“This is wonderful support and a great start, but we will also need to raise further funds for construction and design. We’d also like to work with an artist and have an outreach consultation with communities reflected in the collection – military families, small business owners and rural families.”
The award has dedicated in the memory of the long serving DCMS / Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund independent panel member Giles Waterfield, who sadly died in Nov 2016.



Click here to read more about the ‘£4 million grants announced for English Museums and Galleries under DCMS/Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund’.

3 thoughts on “Major grant for British Folk Art Display

  1. A wonderful unusual collection – can’t wait to see what my favourite artist, Mark Hearld, will bring to it – I hope more boundaries broken to make it more cluttered and less ‘art gallery’ish’ – more home spun and less classy as benefits the subjects !

    1. Thanks Ruth, we can’t wait for visitors to experience the Folk Art collection after the re-display.

      Best Wishes,

      Digital Marketing Officer

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