Love Compton Verney

Love Compton Verney

Find out more about what we really love about Compton Verney in a new series of short films.

With a new film each week hear more from the team about the incredible objects, beautiful landscape and unusual wildlife that we care for every day at Compton Verney. Get behind the scenes of the museum, peek inside objects that are rarely opened, and learn about future projects that are coming up. We hope you feel inspired!

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Visiting the Grounds
Come along for a walk in the Parkland and discover what makes the Grounds such a special place for our visitors.

Forest School
Join a family around the campfire as they toast marshmallows and share what makes Compton Verney’s Forest School such a special place for them.

Hedge Planting
Join Adam and Chris as they plant a new hedge at the furthest edge of the park which will provide a safe haven for wildlife.

Venus and Cupid
Lucas Cranach the Elder’s painting of Venus and Cupid is one of the treasures in our Northern European Collection, but an x-ray reveals that it hasn’t always looked the same.

Gong Ritual Wine Vessel
Take a peek inside this ritual ‘dragon’ wine vessel, which at over 3,000 years old is one of the oldest objects in our Chinese Bronze collection.

Samuel Cooper Portrait Miniature
Collections Manager Annelise Hone introduces Samuel Cooper’s captivating portrait miniature of Oliver Cromwell from our British Portraits Collection.

The Chapel
This Valentine’s Day, join Events Sales Manager Anona van Lawick to explore our Capability-Brown designed Palladian chapel, the site of many a happy wedding.

The Landlord’s Caution Mug
Find out how we care for, clean and condition check the delicate ceramic objects in our Marx Lambert Collection, and help solve the mystery of this puzzle mug.

Water Sourced Heating System
Get behind the scenes in the plant room and discover how our innovative water sourced heating system converts energy from the lake to heating in the galleries.

Bird Hide
Volunteer Wildlife Officer, Alwyn Knapton, shares his favourite spot in Compton Verney’s landscape, along with his tips for deterring squirrels from stealing bird seed!

Trapani Casket
Jane Hornby, Visitor Engagement Interpreter, takes a closer look at a rare bejewelled casket from our Naples Collection, and unlocks its secret compartments.

Winter Aconites
Grounds Manager, Fiona Tansey, introduces the carpet of winter flowering aconites that brighten up the park every January.