Latest Bird Update from Compton Verney

Feedback from volunteer bird spotter Alwyn Knapton, who visits the landscape and garden at Compton Verney regularly to record bird activity:

My first visit of 2016 on a rather overcast and damp day produced

36 species including the return of a Goosander. This is a winter visitor and is a member of the sawbill family. Its bill is serrated like a saw with a hook on the end to help it catch fish while diving.

Goosander - Jan 2016 IMG_8445 (2) - Alwyn Knapton
Goosander on the Middle Pool at Compton Verney, January 2016.

Also the remaining young Great Crested Grebe is gaining its adult feathers. The Alder trees around the Middle Pool were playing host to 22 Siskin, and a small finch.

Great Crested Grebe - Jan 2016 IMG_8444 (2) - Alwyn Knapton
Great Crested Grebe on the Middle Pool at Compton Verney, January 2016.

Gary – Many thanks to Alwyn for the update and great images. The maturing Grebe photo above reminded me of one of my favourites from May 2014 – a young Grebe taking lunch – another great image from Alwyn!

Great Crested Grebe with fish - May 2014 - Alwyn Knapton
Great Crested Grebe taking lunch on the Middle Pool at Compton Verney.

All images ©Compton Verney 2016 – by Alwyn Knapton



2 thoughts on “Latest Bird Update from Compton Verney

  1. Dear Sirs, I visited Compton Verney on Wednesday 27th of July. In the woodland play area there was a very loud , racaus bird call coming from the high branches of a cedar. It sounded a bit like a carrion crow but as it was only one call at a time I have been unable to trace the bird emitting this call . Can you enlighten me please
    Johnnie Cooper

    1. There are ravens in the woods at Compton – your description fits their behaviour well – they are often heard and usually hard to see. I visit the grounds regularly surveying and photographing the butterfly population, but watching birds as well. I’ve only seen one once for sure but hear them frequently. So – it is very likely you heard a raven.

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