International Museum Day 2023

International Museum Day 2023

Every year since 1977, museums across the world celebrate International Museum Day on or around 18 May. This year, the day is focused on sustainability and wellbeing as museums play an important part in contributing to the sustainable development of communities.

In honour of #IMD2023, we are shining a spotlight on just one of the ways we at Compton Verney try to foster positive change in areas of sustainability and wellbeing!

Living Symphonies is a new immersive outdoor sound installation that opened to the public on 22 April, aka Earth Day! It is a site-specific sound installation by artists Jones/Bulley that invites you to explore all aspects of a *woodland ecosystem.

After an in-depth ecological research period with local wildlife experts and volunteers, the installation portrays Compton Verney’s ecology in all its wonderful detail with musical movements composed from thousands of fragments of sound. Artists Jones/Bulley “aim to highlight that every species is as important as one another, part of the extraordinary tapestry of life” and it is played through speakers meticulously placed across the site of Boat House Coppice.

Powered by a hybrid solar generator, we have taken many measures in order to make this installation as sustainable as possible. The Hybrid system is generating power through a combination of Solar and Batteries power to provide 100% clean energy and the aim is to run the whole of Living symphonies without a drop of fossil fuels. We have also reduced the amount of maps and printed interpretation to ensure reduction of waste and the impact of the installation on the species in the woodland continues to be monitored carefully by our volunteer ecologists. Find out more about these measures here.

The music intermingling with the natural sounds of wildlife in the dense woodland creates in an otherworldly experience of space and nature and fosters a deeper connection with the environment (visit our Instagram for a sneak peek). All this can have a profound impact on visitors!

Research shows that spending time with nature reduces feelings of stress and anger, boosts mood, encourages relaxation, improves physical health, helps you connect with your surroundings, community, and much more! The Mental Health Foundation in particular says “our relationship with nature – how much we notice, think about and appreciate our natural surroundings – is critical in supporting good mental health and preventing distress.” During what is also Mental Health Awareness Week (15-21 May 2023), we wish to encourage everyone to foster new connections within ourselves, with each other, and with our environment.

To learn more about Living Symphonies, you can visit the FAQs page here or come and experience the work for yourself Tue-Sun, 10am-5pm excluding bank holidays.

Living Symphonies project at Compton Verney would not be possible without the generosity of Home Farm who have allowed access to their woodland to support this project

John & Monica from Warwickshire Flora Group teaching our Environment & Sciences Producer Interns and volunteers to identify woodland flora for an ecological survey for our new unique site-specific artwork.
Grounds team and volunteers helping to set the stage for Living Symphonies by artists Jones/Bulley