Intangible – Call for Submissions

Intangible – Call for Submissions

This summer our landscape will be brought to life in a brand new collaboration with artist and designer Morag Myerscough, and award winning contemporary dance company 2Faced Dance. Inspired by intangible forms of folk art- music, dance, folk lore and storytelling- this exciting project will see Myerscough’s vibrant, floating pavilion on the lake animated by 2Faced Dance with a new performative piece.

You’re invited to join the collaboration. As the weather gets warmer and we are able to get outside after a year of hibernation, we want you to explore how colour makes you feel. So, pick up your phone and follow these simple steps:

Part 1
2Faced Dance and Morag Myerscough challenge you to create your own 30 second dance film. We want to see how colour makes you feel, through movement and dance.

  1. Grab your phone or digital device
  2. Go for a walk and explore your local area
  3. Pick up to 3 colours that you see around you, from the green of the grass to the black and white stripes of a pedestrian crossing to the orange of the sun. How do the colours of these locations make you feel and move?
  4. Film yourself in these locations moving and dancing
  5. Upload your video to Instagram using the hashtags #IntangibleCV #ColourRiot21 #colourtherapy #movementchallenge and don’t forget to tag us @2faceddance @compton_verney

TOP TIP – Instagram Reels is perfect for making your video come to life!

Give it a go!

Have a go at our movement challenge choreographed by 2Faced Dance, create your own twist and send it by email to Open to all ages, abilities and styles.


Terms and conditions for submissions to Intangible
By tagging your Instagram posts #IntangibleCV and/or emailing content to you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

  1. There is no entry fee for submissions and this is not a competition. There will not be any prizes awarded nor winners announced.
  2. By using the tags #IntangibleCV and #ColourRiot21 on your Instagram post you grant permission for the content to be re-shared by Compton Verney, 2Faced Dance and Morag Myerscough across their social media channels including Stories.
  3. Any email submission should be in MP4 format. They must be a high quality film in a standard landscape ratio (16:9).
  4. All email submissions are eligible to be used in a film as part of the project which will be shown online.
  5. Content submitted by email will be archived on Compton Verney’s servers.
  6. Entrants must ensure that the content they are submitting is their own work, that the own the copyright and that the content does not infringe on the copyright or other rights of any third part or any law.
  7. It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure that any content they submit has been produced with the consent of anyone who is identifiable in the video or the consent of their parent/guardian if they are under 18 and that they have been advised of the purpose of the submission.
  8. All entrants hereby license Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park, 2Faced Dance and Morag Myerscough to use their submission for purposes of promoting the project including on social media, website, third-party website or other media. Where possible we will endeavour to credit the creator.