Horticulture Apprentice Wanted – Landscape and Garden

Horticulture Apprentice Wanted – Landscape and Garden

Horticulture Apprentice Vacancy for the Landscape and Garden of Compton Verney.


Maybe not on the surface your average garden; at least not in most people’s imagination. A property like Compton Verney does however, support a surprising amount of horticultural activity, requiring much knowledge, planning and care.

  • A large mixed-age tree collection including county champion specimens with Cedar trees and others dating back at least to the 18th Century.
  • An ever growing collection of heritage shrub and herbaceous plants, all adding to the Georgian atmosphere of the landscape.
  • Established wild flowers in a range of habitats: lawns, woodland and parkland. The wild flowers of a parterre, designed in 2015 by Dan Pearson will be welcomed back for 2016, the previous formality replaced with serpentine mown pathways.

All these features combine to provide a diverse workplace for those of a gardening kind, with a whole lot more besides. Combine the above for example with art installations, ongoing restoration of the landscape plus a wide range of visitor engagement activities, and it is easy to see that the new Horticultural Apprentice opportunity is diverse, offering much potential for someone to grow their career.

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A full role profile is available via the link at the bottom of this article, but in essence:

This new role will include two years of training in a working environment, alongside the grounds team of staff and volunteers at Compton Verney. The individual will work to property, departmental and organisational objectives, whilst furthering knowledge and experience of supporting a landscape garden.

This is a hands-on role, assisting in the delivery of high quality landscape and garden maintenance, and in due course with the planning, management and delivery of grounds based projects, to include visitor engagement and interpretation.

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Under supervision and guidance from Head of Landscape and Gardens, the candidate will acquire Level 1 or 2 work-based diploma in Horticulture (Parks, Gardens and Green Space) in association with Warwickshire College.

The role is a fascinating one, giving opportunity to learn whilst working in a fabulous and diverse heritage and arts location, with a great team of people. We very much look forward to welcoming a new member to the team.

Horticulture Apprentice Vacancy for the Landscape and Garden of Compton Verney.

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