Flora, a June Selection from Compton Verney.

A small selection of flower images of plants to be found in the first half of June 2013 around the Landscape and Gardens of Compton Verney.

Horse Chestnut in the ice house coppice area:


Flower panicle of Aesculus hippocastanum, or Horse Chestnut at Compton Verney.

Persian Lilac in the ice house coppice:


A very delicate and beautiful type of Lilac. Syringa x persica

Geranium in the ice house coppice:


A tough Geranium that the rabbits largely leave alone. A strong ground cover plant with long season of interest. Geranium macrorrhizum.

Red/Pink Campion – many areas at Compton Verney:


Red Campion, or Silene dioica as found amongst the wilder areas at Compton Verney.

Red Valerian in the ice house coppice:


Red Valerian, also called Jupiter’s Beard, or Centranthus ruber in the ice house coppice at Compton Verney.

Chives in the herb border:


A clump of chives, or Allium Schoenoprasm in the herb border at Compton Verney.

Other plants in flower (Some later due to delayed season) include:

Herb-Robert, or Geranium robertianum.

Oxeye Daisy, or Leucanthemum vulgare.

Lily-of-the-valley, or Convallaria majalis.

Yellow Flag, or Iris pseudocorus.

Common Blue Bugle, or Ajuga reptans.

Iris ‘Florentina’

Garden Catmint, or Nepeta × faassenii.

Maythorn, or Crataegus monogyna.