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The Clearing

Sat 18 March 2017

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The Clearing


‘The future will sound like chickens. And axes splitting wood. And people desperately fanning a dying fire with the lid of a biscuit tin…’ Ravina and Zoe, Caretakers, September 2017 


The Clearing is a collaborative artwork by Alex Hartley and Tom James, who set out to build a vision of the future in our grounds. Commissioned as a modern ‘eyecatcher’, a contemporary version of the kind of folly that Capability Brown would have built, the geodesic dome is made entirely from scrap materials. Throughout 2017 it was occupied by a series of caretakers (aged 3 months to 60) who took turns to keep the vision of living ‘off grid’ alive. Part school, part shelter and part folly, The Clearing also played host to a series of workshops which explored how to live in a world afflicted by climate change. The Clearing will remain in our grounds as a useful ruin until 2020.


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Our next ‘eyecatcher’ commission is currently being prepared and will open to the public in March 2019.