As part of the preparation for our 20 years celebrations, our Chinese Bronzes and Women’s Library collections will be closed from Monday 26 February, reopening with the rest of our new season on Thursday 21 March.

Catching Fish

Based largely on verbal feedback from our anglers (which often reaches me second hand!) it would seem that on the whole, anglers are having a fair season so far on the upper pool at Compton Verney. Thankfully however, I have recently received some concrete evidence for catches which might be of interest, as follows:

One angler reported an afternoons catch that included fifty-four fish in total, including two roach, one around 6-7 oz, and one bream around 1 lb 4 oz.

There has also been a pre-arranged overnight angling session, with a small group sitting out through a relatively mild evening. Some big bream and tench were caught down towards the bridge in the shallower water and a medium-sized carp came out half way along the bank, just where Moore’s Arch artwork was placed. Farther down along the coppice, roach of around 1 to 2 lb were caught very early in the morning.


An autumnal upper pool. ©Compton Verney / Gary Webb 2014

Night Fishing. On another note, present members of the angling club may be interested to hear of a further night fishing date, that of Saturday 18th October through to Sunday 19th. If you’re interested in taking part, please email me on the address below and I can connect you with the volunteer organiser.

Reporting of fish catches. A keen angler has volunteered to collate information on behalf of Compton Verney, for publishing as often as possible. Therefore, if anglers could e-mail a small report or brief summary of their days catch directly to me, we can start building a picture of how well (or not) the lake is fishing during the year, and longer term whether things are improving or not. This will also provide more material for using in future blog post updates, and in anglers e-mail bulletins.

To enquire about night fishing on the 18th, or to send in an angling summary, please e-mail me on: