Carnation Inspiration: How bridal bouquets can transform your wedding

Carnation Inspiration: How bridal bouquets can transform your wedding

The power of a bridal bouquet should not be underestimated. Whether it be a simple posy of peonies or a cascading bouquet of orchids, the size, design and colour of just your bouquet can totally transform your wedding from bohemian and Mediterranean-inspired to modern and colourful!

Continue reading to find out more about bridal bouquets, details of some of our favourite suppliers, and get carnation inspiration from our previous happy couples!

Inside the Chapel, Pierra G Photography, at Compton Verney
On the historical 18th century bridge, Blooming Photography, at Compton Verney

1. Colour scheme

One of the first and most obvious ways to harness the power of the bridal bouquet is to carefully pick your colours. Compliment your classical winter wedding with monochromatic buds of white or turn heads and channel your artistic personality with pops of bright pink and orange. The following flowers can be acquired in various shades from white to pastels to vivid shades like orange and purple. Look at each and create colour palette that is as unique as you! Lilies, roses, hydrangeas, orchids, tulips, and more!

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Ice House Coppice, at Compton Verney

2. Shape and Size

The shape and size of your bouquet can have a huge impact in your photos and can vary from a delicate hand-tied arrangement to a dramatic bouquet. If you do not want to overpower your dress, a simple nosegay bouquet consisting of a few stems can make for a classical and simple look with whites and pastels or a sure way to add a pop of colour without going too big. Simultaneously, if you want to make a big impact with seasonal foliage, an asymmetrical cascading or pageant bouquet creates for a fresh and wild look like you’ve just emerged out of a flowering meadow, filling your photos with a natural drama and life!

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3. Fresh or Dried

More and more brides are opting for dried flowers in their bouquet. They can be preserved easily and kept forever, they are an eco-friendly alternative if you want flowers that aren’t in bloom at the time of year, they are more budget-friendly, and can offer more colour options! Opt for a bouquet of dried roses, pampas grass and baby’s-breath for a warm neutral, bohemian look, or supplement your fresh flowers with dried foliage like eucalyptus and lavender for a sweet-smelling addition.

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4. Meaning

If you want to add personal touches to your wedding, looking into the meaning and significance of the flowers for your bouquet can be a subtle way infuse personality into your look and photos. Here are just some of the meanings of popular wedding flowers but there are many more!

Chrysanthemum’s symbolise joy, clematis symbolise ingenuity and mental beauty, pink roses symbolise admiration and love, and peonies mean good luck and also fortune in parts of Japan and China!

In the courtyard, Kayleigh Pope Photography, at Compton Verney

5. Suppliers

Whether you’re beginning your wedding journey or you know exactly what you want, we have provided some of our favourite suppliers for wedding flowers below. If you are interested in having all or part of your wedding at Compton Verney, visit our Wedding Page to find out about our 2023 wedding offer or get in touch with our events team here.

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