Buzzard at Compton Verney #CVgrounds

The buzzard is a familiar sight across many areas now, and particularly so at Compton Verney. Our bird spotter Alwyn captured the following image as a buzzard swooped down above an established woodland know as Kennels Coppice – an area planted during the 1800’s to screen the old kennels.

Alwyn does have a theory that, as buzzard numbers continue to rise little owl numbers will fall; the buzzard it seems is said to prey on the little owl. Maybe you have thoughts or knowledge on this, if so we’d love to hear your experience.

All images © Compton Verney / Alwyn Knapton 2016

Buzzard at Compton Verney
Kennels Coppice at Compton Verney
Kennels Coppice at Compton Verney
Greylag Geese in the Park at Compton Verney
Greylag Geese in the Park at Compton Verney

Don’t forget that our bird hide is now up and running in the newly formed ‘Wilderness Area’. The hide affords a good view of the eastern arm of the lake where, with binoculars the Great Crested Grebe can be seen nesting. There is much settling down of the area around the hide, but early signs are good with birds regularly visiting the new feeders, and kingfishers seen frequently nearby. Do visit and enjoy!


Gary Webb, Head of Landscape and Gardens at Compton Verney.

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