Bees arrive at Compton Verney

I’m glad to announce the arrival of honey bees to the grounds at Compton Verney!


Rod Oates transporting the bees to their new home at Compton Verney

It has taken a while to get to this stage, but we’re all thrilled to be doing our little bit in support of the ailing bee population, and whilst we’re starting with just two hives, we’re hopeful that we can expand, adding more hives in due course.

Naturally, the news of bees on site brings gasps of admiration from some, and horror from others; especially those wary of being stung. I can say however that care and attention has been given to selection of a good site that offers protection of people and bees – we shall of course be watching the bees very carefully to see how they settle down.


Our new hives, and bees, settle into their new surroundings in the west lawn at Compton Verney.

Today the colony was collected from a bee farm by Rod and Val Oates, two of our volunteer beekeepers and transported to site in a sealed container. Once checked the colony and its queen were transferred to their new home; in a distant corner of the west lawn.


The bees are due more attention over the coming days to ensure the settle into their new home, but initial signs were good as they flew out to explore their surroundings. Over the coming weeks and months, we aim to bring you regular updates of their progress on this blog, and the work involved in maintaining the hive and the surroundings. If you’re keen to follow our progress – you can add your email address to receive regular updates.

We’ll ‘bee’ back soon!