Autumn/Winter Wedding Inspiration

Autumn/Winter Wedding Inspiration

From warm colours and misty mornings to creative lighting opportunities and lower prices, there are many reasons to opt for an Autumn or Winter wedding at Compton Verney. Read on to find out more and see some Autumn and Winter wedding inspiration!

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1. Availability and Affordability

Summer is peak wedding season and a time when suppliers are in great demand and at their most expensive. In Autumn and Winter, demand slows down and prices are more affordable. What’s more, with fewer couples choosing Autumn and Winter months to get married, you’re more likely to get your first choice of date!

You could also take advantage of our weekday wedding offer to lower the cost of your special day even more in Autumn Winter. Find out more here.

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2. Cool and Calm

With scorching heatwaves on the rise, you can be assured that with an Autumn or Winter wedding you and your guests won’t have to battle the extreme sun.

Not only that, as the cooler temperature will likely mean you choose to have your ceremony and reception inside our beautiful galleries and spaces, you don’t have to worry about the risk of rain and wind! Overall, the cooler temperatures will keep everyone comfortable and less stress for you, your vendors, your guests, and your family as you celebrate away from the elements.

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3. Lighting

In addition to the darker evenings of Autumn creating unique lighting options and rarer photo opportunities, the proximity of a Winter wedding at Compton Verney to Christmas means you can take advantage of the lighting and decorations we have on display!

Stand in our historic courtyard illuminated by sparklers or amongst our majestic Christmas trees and fairy lights, the warm glow of your reception beaming behind you as you take a moment of quiet in the cool evening air.

4. Rare photo opportunities

In the heart of the countryside, Compton Verney’s beautiful landscape designed by Capability Brown transforms throughout the year, particularly in Autumn and Winter.

Our historic lake freezes over and the meadows are kissed with frost or even snow! This makes for a truly unique photo opportunity that will make lasting memories and photographs.

5. Colour

If it’s not snowing at your wedding, the misty mornings and the vivid reds and oranges of the trees will make a unique backdrop for your wedding photos.

The warming hues of Autumn also give you plenty of colour scheme inspiration, while seasonal dried flowers, leaves and foliage make complementary decorations and bouquets.

There are plenty more reasons to opt for an Autumn or Winter wedding and even more to have it at Compton Verney. Visit our other blog post here to discover the reasons we are such a unique Wedding Venue or visit our Wedding page to find out more.