3 Reasons to have a Micro Wedding

3 Reasons to have a Micro Wedding

Defined as a wedding with no more than 20-50 guests, micro weddings are becoming increasingly popular for couples who want an intimate celebration surrounded only by those nearest and dearest to them but, there are more advantages to a micro wedding which make them so appealing. Here are are three:

In the Courtyard at Compton Verney- Esme Fletcher Photography

1- Access to More Spaces

Fewer guests means greater flexibility for couples looking for unique backdrops to their ceremony, reception and breakfast. You can squeeze into more surprising spaces such as our art galleries. Licensed for civil ceremonies for 20-60 guests, our Sensing Naples Gallery is an extraordinary setting for ceremonies, receptions and breakfast where the guests can enjoy a selection of world-class historical art that also make truly unparalleled photography backdrops.

2- More Opportunities to Relax

By limiting your guests to 50 or under, couples who have micro-weddings describe enjoying a more laid-back and informal atmosphere surrounded by friends and family. Instead of racing around and trying to make sure all of your hundreds of guests are happy, couples are opting for micro weddings so they have more time to chat to their guests and spend time together as newly weds.

3- Less Traditional

Want to break away from the mould of a traditional wedding and make a memorable day for everyone involved? A micro wedding is a great way to shape your wedding to your own tastes, style, and desires with more flexibility to add uncommon elements. Whether that’s a ceremony, breakfast and evening party or going straight from your vows to watching the sun set with a glass of fizz with your friends.

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