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Death Portrait: North Netherlandish School

Oil on oak panel, About 1530

Circle of Christian Jorhan the Elder 1727–1804

St John Nepomuk

Polychrome on oak, About 1770

Marcus Gheeraerts 1561/2-1636

Frances Howard, Duchess of Richmond and Lennox (1578–1639)

Oil on wood panel, About 1621



Hardwood and ivory, About 1600

George Smart

Old Man and Donkey

Collage on paper, 1833


Rifle Trade Sign

Tôle peinte (painted metal sheet) and wood, 1800-1900

John S Newton

Pottergate, Richmond, Yorkshire

Oil on canvas, 1847


Skipton, Yorkshire

Oil on canvas, Early 1800s

Hans Besser Active 1537–58

Portrait of Ludwig, Count Palatine, aged Ten

Oil on paper on wood panel, 1549


Beechwood Settle

Beech wood, Early 1800s


Coffee Shop Sign (coffee pot)

Brass, 1850-1900


West Country Comb-Back Windsor Armchair

Ash, Late 1700s or early 1800s

T.L Mourilyan R.N

A Terrible Shipwreck

Oil on canvas, 1870

Francesco de Mura 1696-1782

St Nicholas of Bari Received into Paradise

Oil on canvas, 1733–4


Saint George and the Dragon

Oil on wood panel, About 1519-27


Ink Stamp Trade Sign

Wood and metal, 1900-1950


Ritual Wine Vessel and cover, you

Bronze - Middle Western Zhou Dynasty, About 1050-771 BC

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