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After Hans Holbein the Younger About 1497–1543

King Henry VIII

Oil on wood panel, About 1560

Giuseppe Bonito 1707-89

Portrait of a Gentleman Architect

Oil on canvas, 1750


Two-sided chariot fitting

Bronze , Late Shang or Early Western Zhou dynasty (about 1500- 1050 BC or about 1050-771 BC)


Large bell, nao

Bronze, Late Shang or Early Western Zhou dynasty (about 1500-1050 BC or about 1050-771 BC), about 1100-1000 BC

Francesco Solimena 1657-1747

Venus with Iapyx Tending the Wounded Aeneas

Oil on canvas, About 1695


Bird-shaped finial

Bronze on a wooden stand, Han dynasty (206 BC-AD 220)


Ritual covered wine vessel, fangyi

Bronze, Shang dynasty (about 1500-1050 BC), about 1300-1100 BC

Isaac Nash

Rick Knife

Wrought iron and wood, About 1900

William Scrots Active 1537-53

King Edward VI

Oil on panel, About 1550


Silver and copper-inlaid bronze wine vessel, hu

Bronze, Eastern Zhou dynasty, Warring States period (475-221 BC)

Tommaso Ruiz, Active Naples about 1750

The Bay of Naples seen from Posillipo

Oil on copper, About 1760


Wine Vessel and cover, fangjia

Bronze, Late Shang Dynasty (about 1550-1050 BC)

The Metropolitan Master

Still Life with Melon, Peaches, Figs, Mulberries, Plums and Carnations

Oil on canvas, About 1650

Jean-Etienne Liotard 1702- 1789

Lady Fawkener

Pastel on vellum, About 1760

Pietro Fabris

The Temple of Hera at Paestum

Oil on canvas, Late 1770s


Saint Barbara

Oil on wood panel, About 1519-27


Woolen Draper’s or Inn Sign (The Golden Fleece)

Copper and Gilt, 1850-1900


Windsor Castle

Oil on canvas, About 1800-1900


Cornucopia or Horns of Plenty

Green-glazed wall-mounted vases, About 1890


Skipton, Yorkshire

Oil on canvas, Early 1800s