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Large bell, nao

Bronze, Late Shang or Early Western Zhou dynasty (about 1500-1050 BC or about 1050-771 BC), about 1100-1000 BC

Paolo Porpora 1617-1675

Still Life with Flowers in an Urn, Butterflies and a Snake

Oil on canvas, About 1660


Bench-style stools

Wood canal-ware


The Indefatigable

Oil on canvas, After 1796


Three Sober Preachers

Oil on canvas, About 1860


Five T mirror

Bronze, Eastern Zhou dynasty, Warring States Period (475-221 BC)

Gabriele Ricciardelli active 1740-1780

The Lanterna del Molo, Naples

Oil on canvas, Unknown


Cocoon-shaped vessel, hu

Painted pottery, Western Han dynasty (202 BC- AD 9)

Pietro Fabris

The Bay of Naples from Posillipo

Oil on canvas, About 1770


Duck Shooting

Oil on canvas, About 1830


Pestle and Mortar, Trade Sign

Tôle peinte (painted metal sheet), 1800-1900

Enid Marx

Tyger, Tyger

Four-colour linocut on paper, 1958


High Back Settle

Pine, Early 1800s


Ritual food vessel, ding

Bronze, Late Shang dynasty (about 1500-1050 BC), about 1200 BC

Mason, William (Mason, Cash & Co)


English brown-glazed barge-ware pottery, About 1870s

Eric Ravilious

Coronation Mug

Wedgwood transfer-printed cream earthenware, 1937

Follower of Hans Holbein the Younger

Edward, Prince of Wales, later Edward VI

Oil on wood panel, About 1542


Saint George and the Dragon

Oil on wood panel, About 1519-27


‘Our break untaxed, our commerce free’ plate

Octagonal transfer-printed plate with lustre border with moulded unpainted flowers

Hans Besser Active 1537–58

Portrait of Ludwig, Count Palatine, aged Ten

Oil on paper on wood panel, 1549

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