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Ritual wine vessel, jia

Bronze, Shang dynasty (c.1500-1050 BC)

Lucas Cranach the Elder 1472–1553

Portrait of Sigmund Kingsfelt

Oil on wood panel, About 1530


Beechwood Settle

Beech wood, Early 1800s


Trapani Casket

Coral and mother-of-pearl inlay, c1700-50


Pair of chariot wheel linchpins

Bronze, Early Western Zhou dynasty (about 1050-771 BC)

Pierre-Jacques Volaire

Vesuvius Erupting at Night

Oil on canvas

Hans Thomans 1510-25

God the Father and God The Son

Polychromed limewood with silver and gilding, About 1510-25

Sir Thomas Knyvet about 1539–1617

Master of the Countess of Warwick

Oil on wood panel, About 1565

initialled M.L.L.

South View of Fen End Farm

Watercolour and ink on paper, 1790


Canine Friends

Oil on canvas, About 1870

John Whitehead

Nell the Rat Hunter

Oil on canvas, 1852


Sailor Whirligig

Wood with metal arms, painted, Early 1900s

Canaletto 1697-1768

The Interior of the Rotunda, Ranelagh

Oil on canvas, About 1751


Silver and copper-inlaid bronze wine vessel, hu

Bronze, Eastern Zhou dynasty, Warring States period (475-221 BC)

Tilman Riemenschneider About 1460- 1531

A Female Saint

Limewood, About 1515–20

Giovanni Battista Recco about 1615-1660

Still Life with Apples, Cabbage, Parsnip and Lettuce

Oil on canvas, About 1615- 60

Enid Marx

Curtain fabric with jungle repeat pattern

Black and green/yellow block printed undyed linen


White Staffordshire earthenware pottery with gold highlights

White Staffordshire earthenware pottery with gold highlights

Enid Marx

Marionette in Wedding Dress

Oil on board, c 1940s


Two Boxers

Earthenware, Staffordshire Pottery, England, About 1815